Speed Camera Shy

Speed Camera Shy is a collaboration projection between record producer/remixer 'Hit By A Rock' and Spoken Word Poet Raymond Antrobus. 

In 2011 Speed Camera Shy released their first album via US Underground Dubstep label 'Gradient Audio' and were featured in The Guardian in this article about poets working with music. < Link

Speed Camera Shy have been played on Sub FM, Dubstep FM, Resonance and international Radio stations in Romania, Portland (US) and Sweden. 

Buy The Speed Camera Shy Album here - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Speed-Camera-Shy/dp/B004YXNJGG

For Joy

The Deepest

The Night I Died (Featuring Musa Okwonga)

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  1. like your work alot the weatherspoons one feels right how do i send you a mp3 of something i wrote ?