Saturday, 1 January 2011


She said you are the centre
of yourself
and I couldn’t tell if it was criticism
or advise for someone outside
but considering her surname, Copernicus
I imagine she’s shoved
burial ground of her gut
pointed it up
with her jaw dropped
from the weight
of what she see’s
through the lens
of her heart
looking up
towards headlights
in the sky.


when she talks
she talks
like she’s visiting planets.

It’s amazing
how the muscles in her throat
are so small
but she pulls in the universe
drawing breath
and giving it back, layered
black and bright
like every season in space.

she see’s all my flaws
in the ways I try to hide them

in the ways I say things
that aren’t worth breaking any silence

in the ways
I keep dreaming in other people’s houses

in the ways
I get depressed and say it’s because I’m an artist

she said fine,
be a perfectionist
but know you are not
the moon
you cannot shine every night
but I’d never tell you
not to try.

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  1. Some useless trivia for you RA: Copernicus was also Doc Brown's 1955 dog in the BTTF trilogy.