Tuesday, 13 March 2012

CHILL PILL GOES IN... With UK Hip-Hop legend Mystro & UK's Young Storyteller Of The Year, Rachel Rose Reid!

If you haven't seen this video you MUST! Mystro's 2011 wrap up.

In short, Mystro is a UK Hip-Hop Legend. He blew up in 1999 alongside Skinnyman,Rodney P & Blak Twang, and during the 'Golden Era' of UK Hip-Hop that followed he had a quality album released on Low Life Records. He has been on the grind, working and touring around the world since. I remember my early teens was all about DJ Skully on Kiss 100, it was my UK Hip-Hop fix and Mystro was a regular on his playlist. On March 29th he's one of our featured acts at Chill Pill at The Albany Theatre... Alongside the amazing...

Rachel Rose Reid is an award winning storyteller and as you can see in the video, she is widely acknowledge as a tour de force on the Spoken Word/Theatre & Storytelling World. She will be performing with the amazing REC Choir.

Hopefully you'll agree we're breaking new ground with the mix of styles on the bill - we're excited to see how it all comes together!

There are also six Open Mic slots available, arrive early to bag yours...



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