Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wounded By Hit By A Rock (From Speed Camera Shy)

This is the debut album release from seasoned producer, remixer and soundtrack composer Jim Whelan aka Hit By A Rock (Speed Camera Shy).

A heady mix of electronic sounds and a distant descendent of dubstep, with more than a touch of dub reggae production, ‘Wounded’ is a beat-driven symphony of sounds, a soundtrack to inner city life
Featuring guest vocalists including Susheela Raman, Raymond Antrobus, Zayna Daze and Zewditu Johannes, ‘Wounded’ traverse genres, from world-infused vocals to bass heavy rhythms all tinged with some truly infectious melody lines

HBAR’s Jim Whelan has spent two years with his head in the speaker bins remixing tracks for a host of artists, allowing himself enough time to bring together a truly eclectic set of sounds to create an hour long masterpiece.

I am loving this beautifully atmospheric album at the moment, hear it on i-Tunes, Amazon & Spotify or buy it in HMV.

Here's some lovely reviews -

It’s hard to compare HBAR to many artists a lot of readers on here would be aware of, but ‘Surgery’ (featuring Raymond Antrobus) is somewhat reminiscent of Mothboy’s works with Akira the Don and it’s definitely an area of the album that I appreciated the most, with guttersnipe vocalisations and hook-line rhythm sections that snap out the lyrics with brutal conviction; more of this please.

‘Wounded’ is both brutal and delicate, distorted but clear – a perfect balance; listening to this will whisk you through the inner city capturing snippets of sound as you pass by.'

Also check out our Speed Camera Shy album released last year if you want more wordy machine sounds.

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