Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Art Of Hosting.

Tonight will be my second ever shot at hosting a Spoken Word show. I've come to realize that hosting is an art within itself, within that is the art to stand in front of people and be... well, yourself.

********Content of Ray being himself has been removed***********

This gig I'm doing tonight is rather hastily put together as I've only had 2 days to prepare it without ANY budget.

I think the first thing I'll say when I open the show will be "honestily, I have no idea what to expect tonight... It might be like a really bad, low budget B movie that's so shit its good"


This is the audience I stood (and unprofessionally sat) before last time I hosted. It was a show put together for Freshers students at Westminister University, it was a total success.

Will let you know how the show tonight goes.x

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