Sunday 1 December 2013

Ten Commonly Asked Googled Questions Answered By Existential Poets

Why was I born?
                                            to grasp a full cup.

Why is the sky blue?
                                           the diver must practice his birth again.

How do I write a cover letter?
                                                              moving the sky.

What happened on this day?
                                                       when did smoke learn how to fly?

What happens when you die?
                                                        I pant, “what now?” with my big ear to the door.

What is Scientology?
                                         disagreeing with my skin.

What is twerking?
                                      when books are ineffective.

How do I get a six pac?
                                             And the flesh of the planet is bared.

What do I do when I’m bored?
                                                            blank page.

Do I know anything?
                                          this quality often goes unappreciated.