Monday 27 February 2012

Friday 24 February 2012

This Week In Pictures (On Eating)

To Eat.

To Eat With A Man With A Signed Copy Of Allen Ginsberg's Collected Poems.

To Eat A FishFinger Sandwich In Newcastle.

To Eat Your Mate Who Is A Massive Cake Of The Week.

To Eat And Shut Em' Down, Open Up Shop!

To Eat & Forget.

To Eat & Not Know What It Will Cost.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Chill Pill Sells Out Soho Theatre Plus exciting Line Up For Next Show AT The Albany

So we did it! we sold out Soho Theatre with a Spoken Word poetry showcase and all our feedback was great! Jon Sands & Ken Arkind have gone to Dublin and are back in London next week for a workshop and performance on Saturday 25th Feb.

Details here -

Thanks to all our great performers - Kemi Taiwo, Stephanie Dogfoot, Bridget Minamore, Ken Arkind and Chill Pill poets - Mr Gee, Deanna Rodger & Simon Mole.

The next Chill Pill on 29th March at The Albany features UK Hip-Hop legend Mystro! woo!


        Also joining us will be amazing storyteller poet Rachel Rose Reid and her REC Choir (featured below with Ghostpoet)

Sunday 19 February 2012

White Poets On Black Music & White Privilege

Simon Mole performed this slightly controversial piece at last years Chill Pill. Simon questions his status as a white boy with a rap career after being mugged on the street by three black boys in London.

Adam Falkner is a poet from New York. In this poem he crawls into the spaces of the seen but unsaid to examine the social context of being white in America.

Thursday 16 February 2012

New Poetry Project / "I Am Nobody's Nigger" by Dean Atta/ Dialectics by Anthony Anaxagorou/Simon Mole Sells Out

I am working on a new little poetry project with a friend who is a brilliant musician and singer called 'Alex Patten'. This is our first collaborative effort. Let me know what you think... More to come.

One of the Keats House Forum poets 'Dean Atta' got his poem on SB.TV after two of the suspects in the Stephan Lawrence case were convicted of his murder.

Also, Anthony Anaxagorou's poem 'Dialectics' makes more powerful social commentary.

Finally, Chill Pill's Simon Mole SOLD OUT his brilliant one man show at The Albany and it's not even on for another two weeks. That's a testimony for the spoken word art form if there ever was one!

See you at Chill Pill this coming Monday!

Sunday 12 February 2012

Jon Sands & Ken Arkind Featuring At Chill Pill (20th Feb - Soho Theatre)

This is the amazing line up for Chill Pill's next show at Soho Theatre, 20th Feb 2012.

London bound New York poet 'Jon Sands' comes to Chill Pill as part of his UK tour. Jon is a celebrator of life - perfect for a funeral! He's also a Teacher, Slam Champion, Published Poet (Write Bloody Publishing) and makes better Tuna Salad than anyone you know.
Ken Arkind is poor and he likes puppies. Born in Colorado, Ken has been a major name in the US Slam Poetry realm for the past five years. He's also a Teacher of performance arts and poetry. Expect humour, profundity and beat boxing.
Singaporean born, Stephanie Dogfoot is a kind of surrealist storyteller poet. Her poems have won her stuff and we at Chill Pill are impressed... You will be too!

Our only London born Poet on the bill with a wikipedia page. Bridget is part of 'The Roundhouse Rubix Collective'. A raging feminist & grammar nazi that likes words and running and food and politics and music and film.

Oh' and a Extra Chair for Brighton raised, London based Chill Pill poet Simon Mole who will be previewing his exciting and new one man show coming up at The Albany.

Check that out here -

Myself, BBC's Mista Gee and Deanna Rodger are also stepping onto the rug!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Conversation With A South African Township Community Worker

When more churches start popping up in your community it’s a sign your area is getting poorer. All these new Christian and Catholic churches, you see them in the townships? Big fancy buildings towering over all the houses and township shacks, they are funded by the Americans my brew.  You see, the Americans are clinging desperately to their Christian and Catholic followers because it's their way of preserving their influence on the world. These churches always recruit from poorer, more vulnerable and uneducated people around the world. They pay the landowners, build the church and the church generates money by promising local people better lives and good fortunes for their contributions... it’s all part of the business. Have you ever met these travelling American's brew? How shocked they be when they realise how hated they are? – In America they thought themselves as the envy of the world, haha, America is just the name of a major corporation, a corporation that is only in business if they are in war. You could say that all countries have been primarily built on war or some kind of conflict - I mean, you're European right!? but I don't think right now there is a country in the world more dependent on war, death and famine than America... Now let's go get a Coke.