Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Conversation With A South African Township Community Worker

When more churches start popping up in your community it’s a sign your area is getting poorer. All these new Christian and Catholic churches, you see them in the townships? Big fancy buildings towering over all the houses and township shacks, they are funded by the Americans my brew.  You see, the Americans are clinging desperately to their Christian and Catholic followers because it's their way of preserving their influence on the world. These churches always recruit from poorer, more vulnerable and uneducated people around the world. They pay the landowners, build the church and the church generates money by promising local people better lives and good fortunes for their contributions... it’s all part of the business. Have you ever met these travelling American's brew? How shocked they be when they realise how hated they are? – In America they thought themselves as the envy of the world, haha, America is just the name of a major corporation, a corporation that is only in business if they are in war. You could say that all countries have been primarily built on war or some kind of conflict - I mean, you're European right!? but I don't think right now there is a country in the world more dependent on war, death and famine than America... Now let's go get a Coke.

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