Thursday 30 December 2010

Notice Board Resolutions for 2011.

1. If the state of your room reflects the state of your mind you are fucked up and you need to sort it out.

2. Accept that not everyone is as passionate as you about all the things you hate.

3. Explore as many angles and possibilities before reaching conclusions and always be open to contradict them.

4. Spend less time on facebook. Distraction = lack of growth.

5. Be a bit more of a bastard by being more selective of who you give your time to.

6. Hunger is more important than talent. Work with hunger.

7. Embrace and accept your hearing aids as a part of you as if they were your heart or artificial limbs.

8. Trust your own voice. Write how you speak. Write where it hurts you and write where it tickles you.

9. Live life like a piece of art – keep adding to it.

10. Spend more time with Grandma – she’s amazing!

11. If people don’t accept you or your work – accept it!

12. Make breakthroughs but remember if you’re not enjoying it there’s no point.

13. Make your mistakes now rather than later – it’ll be more productive.

14. Always take time to consider the world through the eyes of others.

15. Keep reading, listening and writing poems.

16. Be good. Really good.

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