Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Conversation With An Anarchist During The London Riots

fuckin’ police look at em’ all lined up. No wonder people fucking hate them. You feel the gravity here? That’s what fear feels when its injected by pigs... fuckin’ hell, the air here could burst into flames. Burn the city and pork chop these cunts with their sticks! Ere’, I dreamt I wrote a play last night and it was called ‘God The Orchestra’ and it was about a bunch of puppets that go rioting! De’ja’fucking vu, eh? How’d it end? Fuck knows, the puppets burnt their strings and scattered. I woke up in my bed feeling like something is trying to tell me something and this is fuckin’ it! These people call their belief a system and if that’s the case everyone needs another mechanic! One with the earth on their hands instead of blood and oil, that’s the only dirt you can roll in and be the cleanest soul alive. We want peace but this is our war for it. Yeah, we all want fuckin' peace except the pigs who want power. I'd happily sit around and smell the shit out of flowers when things are right! When things are right I'll grow a fucking garden and everyone can bring pig meat to the barbecue! That’ll be the day to welcome a neighborhood that’s right for real fuckin’ people!

Here's another voice on the street -

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