Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photos of June 25th Chill Pill at Soho Theatre & Chill Pill heading to Ireland

"One of Chill Pill's strongest shows yet, what great variety of styles and proof that the poetry scene in London is very much alive. GO CHILL PILL!" - Audience Member.

We packed out Soho Theatre on a Monday night with a poetry show and thanks to Patrick Rosalba, here's some photos from the night. Also, Chill Pill's silent ninja 'Kim Leng Hill's' filmed some highlights (coming soon).
Deanna Rodger
Simon Mole & Raymond Antrobus
Mista Gee
John Osborne
Kat Francois
George The Poet
Belinda Zhawi
Chill Pill audience get poems & jokes.
What's next for Chill Pill? well... We're going to IRELAND to provide poetry at The Liss Ard Festival

Then we're back in London for the Live & Unamplified Festival (UK's first Festival without amps) 3rd and 4th September

Then we're back at The Albany Theatre for a very special show on September 27th.

See you then.

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