Thursday, 26 July 2012

For Things That Look Like Love (Poem)

I will not stop looking for things that look like love
no matter how many I find,
                                      a wet paint brush, 
a flat stone to skim across water. 
          We take everything in our hearts
       If, in death, our heart energy becomes clouds,
let mine shade Libya, rain in Australia, glow in South Africa –
no love will make better skies than mine -
           check my radiance.

In Portugal, I met a woman on a mountain,
she told me she only looked in one place
                                                   for love
her eyes used to be prisoners in her face,

she told me
to say love every time I find it
and keep its light     turning my eyes
                                                               in new directions,
so writing home means writing to new addresses.

I met a waitress in Sweden,
She was 29 and could not say 30 in English,
or any other language.

She poured me coffee with a smile that said
I live in the best way, and I loved her
because she loves the small things
                                 I love
about myself.

I sat on a hill next to the Indian Ocean
          with a fisherman in Cape Town,
     we couldn’t keep the hook
                                           off our talking.
I never trusted anyone
              who made love look like fishing,
 but when the sun set
                            I loved him before I saw it again.

Life gets better every year
                                           because of what I collect.                                         
I will love all my summers
                                       before they burn out,
by winter I will still dream out
                                     my heart.

No matter how far the cold reaches
            into our bones
        as long as we’re alive
we will still exist inside of so much magic.

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