Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shots From Raymond Antrobus's Poetry Tour in Germany & Switzerland

I'm back from tour, 12 shows in 12 days. Other than being constantly stopped and searched in Switzerland (for looking suspicious apparently), breaking down on a German 4am highway and missing my flight back to London, it was a great time. Poetry is a big deal in Germany, you win a major Poetry slam and it's covered in the nation papers, audiences come out in their hundreds to watch a Poetry Slam, nowhere in the world is poetry happening like it is out there. Below are some shots taken at some of the venues I performed at across the country. 
The Mic in Freiberg
The Mic in Langani
The Mic in Marberg
The mic in Frankfurt w / Lars Rupple
Setting up pre-show in Herne
Took all those shots arriving early at the venue... when they pack out they look more like this...

250 people in Freiburg

500 people in Cologne
                 I also sold books and CD's after the show... here's some of the happy punters!

man buys Rhyming Thunder Anthology
Man buys my book 'The Coloured Experience'
Man buys 'Autistic Pieces EP'
Here's the picture of the car I was in when heading to the airport and one of the tires randomly exploded as we skidded off the highway. We waited hours for the serviceman. It would be another 14 hours, three trains and a coach until I'd find another airport with planes heading to London.

Special shout out to poets Lars Rupple & Sebastian 23 - the tour could not have been possible or special without you.

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