Saturday, 16 February 2013

The London Anti Slam Champion

In 2010 I won the Berlin Anti-Slam which is a Slam where the worst poet wins. Inspired by US poet 'Jamie Dewolf', Paula Varjack started the Anti-Slam in Berlin in 2009. The way to win is not to be shit, but to be good at being shit, it's quite a challenge. When the Anti-Slam was brought to London in 2011, Adam Kammerling took the title with his 'Love, Sex' masterpiece of shit poetry... Last night Dan Simpson and Paula Varjack crowned a new Anti-Slam champion - Amy McAlester.   

JUDGED! - Paula and Dan nudge 'Consciousness' aka Keith Jarrett off stage 
Former Champion - Adam Kammerling
NEW Champ - Amy McAlester 

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