Friday, 25 October 2013

Overheard Conversation With An English Patriot After Hearing The Verdict of Ukrainian Terrorist Pavlo Lapshyn

Did you hear about the Muslims that smashed the graves of British soldiers in Libya? Not being funny, but if that was a grave of my father, I’d be outside a Mosque with a petrol bomb, glowing with revenge, like that Ukrainian fucker in Birmingham, opened the guts of an eighty two year old Muslim man. They ought to deport him, it is English to hate what Islam brings to our cemeteries, it is English to burn down mosques without being labeled “terrorist”, you cannot kick down the grave of my father without the red in my white flag waving vengeance across the spleens of Muslims, Arabs, Ukrainians, whatever, I’ll give them all a taste of blades, nails and petrol bombs. 

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