Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Honorable Mention - David J

Since being active in this Spoken Word thing some of us do, David J has instigated some of the maddest conversations out of all the whacko poets I know.

I remember once me and David were talking about madness and genius over a glass of orange juice after a gig.

He said "the genius steps towards the cliff of madness and peers over the edge, able to pull himself away, but the one's that jump have no way back".

He incorperates this into his own practice saying when he's being creative he's trying to get his toes as close to that edge as possible.

David J is one of those poets who never really gets the credit he deserves and is often over-shadowed by the hype of another "in-the-moment" poet" and there are reasons for this I won't go into but I'd just like to ackowledge him as someone who has been an inspiration to me and many other Spoken Word poets.

I've heard David J desribed as the "poets, poet" or the "wise man in the shadow of a moutain".

Polarbear says David J is "one of the only poets worthy of the title 'performance poet'".

He's right and this post is to acknowledge a man who has been doing this for longer than a lot of us have been alive.

A story I love hearing is the night David J was working as a cloak room attendent. While he was on his break he bumped into the Rapper Canibus and kicked up a battle.

David J won the battle and Canibus asked who he was and David just said "I'm a cloakroom attendant" then went back to work, hanging up peoples coats. ha!

This is the genius of David J.

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