Saturday, 16 July 2011

Love Poem From A Red Traffic Light To A Cyclist

I'm a cyclist. I couldn't live in London without my bike. I also hardly ever stop at red lights (unless there's police about). Today while jumping a red light I suddenly had the thought that red lights must be frustrated with all the cyclists ignoring it... I mean, it's a light with a good intension and no wants to feel unappreciated... I actually stopped and sat by the side of the road and wrote this little poem into my notebook... work in progress.

Love Poem From A Red Traffic Light To A Cyclist

I am a colour you do not want to cross
but I see you riding out into traffic like it's a sunset,
or an open road
or a good place to die.

When I show up
all you have to do is know what it means
to be a red light.


because if love had a licence
you'd have points for speeding,
points for passing me by.

I want you to break for me.

I do not want you to GO.

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