Saturday, 10 September 2011

Conversation With An Ex-Hackney Resident On Broadway Market

It’s a catwalk this place. You come here just to be seen here. I mean, look at that knob with the feathers and the top hat; he’s wearing bloody high heels. And them gals that walk around with them rollers in their hair and rags tied around their head, looking like my nan cleaning the house. Blimey, if I see another handlebar moustache I’m gonna throw some bricks! There was a bloke who owned a shop here called Spirit, he’s Rasta I think, sold west Indian foods. He got run out the area by these property developers. I mean, his name was fucking spirit, that’s a metaphor if there was ever one! That pub on the corner, I used to drink there with a bunch of cockneys and some Jamaican mates. Sometimes Irish blokes would walk in and wanna fight ya, we’d knuckle out and they’d wanna buy you a drink afterwards. Nowadays that pub is selling crab burgers and lobster soup to poofs with handlebar moustaches! Funny how this place felt more like home when there was a chance I’d get robbed in the street. Living in Tottenham now... someone might rob me there instead.

NOTE: The guy with the top hat and high heels turned out to be the bassist from The Killers.

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