Saturday, 1 October 2011

Conversation With A Copper In Dalston

What happened? Kids with guns probably. That’s what keeps happening anyway. Some estates round here hire guns. It’s organised. Young lads go into the estates and can hire a gun without bullets for twenty quid. Scare other kids off. It’s in levels. Next level up is buying a gun with bullets but if the gun is used they have to bring it back within twenty four hours to give time to circulate the gun to an estate in another part of the country. It’s hired out again somewhere else while its just being reported here. Clever eh? Meanwhile, we're onto another group of kids. Each of them is named after a type of brick. They get together and form a wall. While we’ve got our heads banging against other things these kids are making up the streets. Muggings are up so there’s a lot of goods’ being sold through a hole. A tight network of bike thieves operate here too. They peddle more than a lot of the drug dealers. Ah well...

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