Friday, 7 October 2011

Pictures vs Words Q&A w/ Brighton Based Rapper/Poet Adam Kammerling

Been gigging quite a bit with Adam recently, every time I hear his name I'm heard shouting "I LOVE THAT GUY!" and this mini interview hopefully shows why.

What does your writing desk look like?

I don't really use a desk for writing. I write anywhere with a seat that serves tea. And sometimes even where they don't serve tea. Like on buses. I edit my stuff at a desk. It's got piles of envelopes and books on it, a map of paris and three ash and fag encrusted ashtrays adapted from gu pudding pots. And some dirty cups. 

What is on your to do list?

Send Sam promo stuff. Ticked.
Send Ray interview and photo response. Soon to have a big tick next to it.
Practice new stuff.
Book trains.

Then I have an infinite mental to do list that includes things like save money, be a better person, read the classics, eat vegetables, quit job, get gigs, watch films, get cleverer etc etc  

I feel like my actual to do list is super boring. I'm doing other things today, they're just not on the list. OK?

What's more important, talking or listening?

Listening I reckon. If you don't listen, very little you say will be worth hearing. There's an ancient chinese soundbite in there. Daniel San, one must first listen, only then will he be worth listening to.
Having said that, I am a chatterbox. 

What makes a better story pictures or words?

Well I'm gonna have to say words because I'm biased. However, I am constantly envious of the instancy of visual communication. Pictures are more primal, requiring an effort to disengage as opposed to words which demand an effort to engage with. However words give you control. This answer could get really long. I'll curtail it there.

Respond to this photo
Where walls and board char 
the same beige shades,
and baking tins are beaten flat 
with bricks 
by deranged cake-haters,
what else to do but dump rubbish?
But, as no one coos for the baby
in the 'If Found, Return To Pub' onesie,
No one wants to use a bin
With shit Street-Art on it.