Friday, 7 September 2012

Sitting In The Sun & Writing About You (Poem Draft)

you smile from east to west,
I want to travel across your mouth
like I owe you the country.

We can be confused
            but still in love,
distant but still in touch.

        My feet know your soul,
my eyes know where you go
             even when we sleep apart,
my arms are covered
                   in your ground,
hold me until I'm buried.

        My heart knows what it has,
        My heart is all over my face,
        My heart is whatever I say... 
Should I stop 
       and ask questions

 when I know
I would love the sun no more or less
                 if it explained its radiance?

ok, let me stop,
                because its warm and I love you
and that should always be enough.

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