Sunday, 1 September 2013

Festive Thanks

Poet-ing Summer Festivals
Hey, just to say thanks to Camp Bestival, Latitude, Boom Town, Shambala and In The Woods for having my poetry on your stages this summer. Crowded tents confirmed for me that Spoken Word is growing, more people seem to be looking out for it. There were 1,600 audience members for the Shambala stage alone. It is growing because there is genuinely a wealth of talent on the scene and a developed understanding of what Spoken Word is aesthetically.

I'm also rather pleased that my book Shapes & Disfigurements Of Raymond Antrobus has been picked up by so many of you, so thanks. Still more in stock at Burning Eye Books -

My next adventure is starting my role as Spoken Word Educator at Cardinal Pole in the new term and setting up youth showcases with Chill Pill. HOLDTIGHT!

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