Friday, 13 August 2010

The End Of Series 1 Q&A's ... Thank you's, brand news and 'Chill Pill'

The first series of the Q&A comes to a close… Mighty thanks to Paula Varjack, Jon Sands, Paradox, Hollie Mcnish, Bohdan Piasecki, Deanna Rodger, Rob Auton and Simon Mole for your thoughtful and honest answers… I salute you!

Meanwhile... myself, Mista Gee, Deanna Rodger, Kim Leng Hills and Craig Tomas have been working hard developing our weekly Spoken Word Poetry and Music night ‘Chill Pill’ at the top of East London’s Brick Lane.

It’s been a smash hit. The first three weeks we had a room of an average 25-30 people a week…

we’re now cramming them in at an average of 50-65 heads a week after running for two and a half months…

Spoken Word Poetry is on the rise and it’s as cutting edge as ever!

Here's some shots of some of the poets we've had down the last couple months...

For more info, pictures and videos from Chill Pill join our FB page -

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