Friday, 18 May 2012

Hammer & Tongue UK National Slam Final (Video)

What excites me about performance poetry is it is a national as well as an international movement. I've been around Germany, Italy, US and South Africa and discovered a poetry scene, hung out with poets and been blown away by the talent. Poetry has a circuit like no other genre of literature.

Last time I checked "Fiction" didn't have a circuit... (and judging by the quality of books that sell, the PR companies are better than the writers).

Below is a poetry slam night called Hammer & Tongue which has become the main UK National Slam event... Look at all those bums on seats for poetry... They could be in Germany. (Germany The biggest Slam/Poetry scene in the world)

Also the winner of that slam Adam Kammerling was on The Huffington Post and gave Chill Pill a lovely shout out. Watch his poem/read his article here.

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