Monday, 21 May 2012

Young Me (Poem)

I’m mixed Jamaican/British.
I went to school in London Fields, then Islington,
I was the only kid in class with a hearing aid,
I was the boy with the plastic ears.

The kids said I was black
because I wasn’t white like all of them,
but when I went to a school in Muswell Hill
the black kids said you can’t be black
look at your straight hair and nose.
Also, there were more deaf kids
and when they saw that I spoke
and that I didn’t know sign language,
they called me

The teachers said in class
I was always tuning out.
I remember that report,
Raymond looks like he’s a million miles away
but I was right where they saw me.

I like rap and I like writing.
I discovered a power in that
when I was six, my older sister bullied me
but said she was sorry after she read a story
I wrote about a horse that put down ponies.

My mum didn’t show me the school report
that said Raymond is incompetent at English
because she didn’t want to diminish the confidence
I had to put things into my own words.
my own words
came in the right colour.

Today its water under the bridge
but that water has been ice
its been steam
its been so much sometimes it doesn't know what it is,
sometimes it depends what someone else calls it.

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