Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Accomplishments / Notice Board Resolutions for a poet in 2013

1. My first book of poems published by Burning Eye.

2. Being accepted by Goldsmith University to pilot the Spoken Word in Education MA. 

3. Being a shadow poet coach with Dzifa Benson, coaching The Albany Young Poets in the National Olympic Slam 'Shake The Dust' (Finished runners up)
4. Chill Pill receiving standing ovation after showcase in Ireland at The Liss Ard Festival.

5. Completing 14 Day Poetry Tour of Germany & Switzerland.

6. Exhibiting my first photography exhibition at The Albany and publishing my travel journal 'The Coloured Experience'

7. Completing whole summer of poetry gigs at Festivals nationwide including Secret Garden Party, Festibelly, Live & Unamplified, Lee Fest, Hamswell and more...

8. Completing Autistic Pieces EP with Alex Patten

9. Being in The Poetry Shed with Adam Kammerling

10. Having such amazing line ups (Soweto Kinch, Mystro, Sabrina Mahfouz, Harry Baker, Inja, Jive Poetic, John Osborne etc) and continuing to sell out Chill Pill poetry showcases.

Noticeboard Resolutions 2013

1. Keep myself Inspired - ("I do not write to kill time / nor to revive it / I write that I may live and be revived - Octavio Paz)

2. Maybe I'm getting to the point where my age can no longer excuse reckless love.

3. Never ever apologise for being a poet.

4. My friend Derrick Brown once said - "Do not ruin love by wanting it so bad"

5. Study hard or go yard.

6. Remember the people you love won't be here forever - sometimes they must come before everything else.

7. Sadness is ok.

8. If ideas aren't coming out as poems maybe they want to be short stories, speeches, journal entries, scripts, essays, photographs  - try not to block creative possibilities.

9. Eliminate the word "bitch" from casual speech and refer to God as "her" not "him"

10. You've said "that's gay" as a negative term for the last time in your life. Continue to challenge the language used by yourself and those around you.

11. Never say you're too busy to go to the doctor, you can't do anything without health.

12. Don't be too polite, sometimes you need to tell your friends to fuck off.

13.                                           More of this

Less of this


14. Yo! Don't forget to have fun!

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