Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Poem For Family

looking for gifts
gifts to box and wrap that will say
Corrina, Martin, Mum, Grandma, I saw this
and thought of you, thought of you like I do every living day and I love you,
I love you all like it isn’t Christmas, like it’s just another day and it might snow and that’s ok, and the fire is electric and I haven’t said I love you for a while and that’s ok because it is Christmas.

We don’t need excuses to sit together and eat Roast this afternoon, 
we don’t t need to wish merry anything,
because at least half our family is still alive and no one is hungry 
after the turkey and the pudding and the Queens speech 
and Grandma might need a nap, and I might eat another mince pie, 
and we might all watch a movie about miracles that we don’t need because the fire is still on,
                   and I love loving all of you.

Christmas in Senegal 13 years ago