Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bang Said The Gun VS Chill Pill (8th July at Soho Theatre)

Chill Pill clutching the Bang Throne behind enemy lines
Witness the coming together of two of London's finest poetry and Spoken Word nights. 

A celebratory Slam incorporating all your favourite elements from Chill Pill & Bang Said The Gun. The night will see all five poets from each night testing themselves at various word based disciplines. 

Will Chill Pill overdose? Will Bang shoot themselves in the foot? 

The teams:

Chill Pill
A laid-back club night where up-and-coming poets share the stage with some of the finest Spoken Word acts in the UK, is curated by Mr Gee (host of Radio 4’sBespoken Word and Rhyme and Reason), Raymond Antrobus, Deanna Rodger, Simon Mole and Adam Kammerling.

Bang Said the Gun
"stand up poetry" that’s "not pornography but still pretty good", curated by Daniel Cockrill, Rob Auton, Peter Hayhoe, Martin Galton and Sarah Redington.


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