Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Conversation With A Norwegian On A Mountain

Hei, er du nyter fjellet? Oh’ you English; I ask if you’re enjoying the mountains? It’s only three more hours to the top from here; I have my dreaming bag to sleep up there tonight, then another mountain tomorrow. The only thing that matters on a mountain is that you keep moving, remember me, seventy-two year old man who keeps moving. Ja, no pollution for the spirit where there are green and white waterfalls. I’m happy to find another person up here, I was just trying to figure out the worth of achieving something that no one will see. Sheep have been my best audience. You’ll remember me when you’re older though, especially if you can’t climb stairs by then. If you do get to see a forest like this, you’ll envy trees for making a place so beautiful just by existing together; you start to think like this when you outlive people you can only speak to in dreams. I don’t mean to talk sentiments, it’s just this air really opens you, makes me wonder how we breathe so closed up in our cities. Ja, must make movement, I want to be at the top so I can get into my dreaming bag, remember friends, stay adventurous.

Roads, Snow and grass.
By Water
Cloud Thumb
Lakes too
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