Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chill Pill poet 'Simon Mole' battles 'Enigma' on Don't Flop

Here's what Simon had to say after the response of his battle...

"so yeah, posted about this briefly from twitter a minute ago, but I did a battle for Don't Flop Entertainment at latitude and here is the link should you wish to check it out. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Never thought I'd be the kind of guy to read the youtube comments on my own battle though. Turns out I am. It was all worth it for this little gem though: “I wasnt expecting anything amazingly lyrical seeing that he's a poet”. Think this was the same guy complaining about the 'ignorant' crowd not respecting Enigma’s forced multis about fucking my non-existent nan.

Loads of the other comments were also ranting about how disrepsectful the crowd were for booing Enigma. Gotta say I agree with Berkavitch Berko on this. It was live in the tent that night and the majority of the audience weren’t 12 year old goons. And I'm gonna sound old now but ‘back in my day’ you battled in the knowledge that if you were shit the crowd would let you know. That’s just quality control from the people who pay money to watch. Rarekind Rekords on that cleverlooking shit. Braniac, Ben HughesBen 'Koaste' ManchesterJoe ClarkAndrew Wilkins, Real D, Toppers, Buzz all know that if you sparked a battle at slippers you had about four bars of average before it got shut down. And I know it’s a different subculture now with pre-writtens and whatever, but how people can object to someone getting booed for shit bars, and not object to the generic misogynistic content of those bars is kind of mad to me.

Props to Tom Hines for putting some facts out there too. I may well have been representing the 'poetry squad' asRowan Faife called it with his customary hosting panache, but I've been rapping much longer than I've been doing poetry. I still enjoy a good freestyle, and I've got a verse on the new menagerie album out soon. Funny how people automatically made comparisons with Mark Grist even though we have totally different styles just because of the poet label.

Anyway, rambling and probable unnecessary status essay over. Except to say that as well as being a good laugh, don’t flop is clearly a great platform for those in the league that do make music so props to their team for the work they put in…" - Simon Mole

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