Monday, 6 August 2012

Poets In Ireland (Liss Ard Festival)

Me, Deanna Rodger & Adam Kammerling head to the pub to drink like the locals.
Chill Pill - Check running times.
Simon Mole heads to the fields to perform poems for festival goers in the sun.
Adam, Dee, me and Si head backstage to plan our 1 hour Chill Pill poetry show.
Deanna Rodger deliveres the final poem of the set as Chill Pill receive standing ovation.
Novelist & Poet Joe Dunthorne delivers reading of 'Submarine' & Poems followed by a Q&A.
Job done! Chill Pill backstage with Joe.
Deanna's hammocking smile for our new favourite drink - 'Murphey's' 

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