Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hamswell Festival/ We Are Poets/ Hammer & Tongue Hackney Slam Final / Buddy Wakefield & more early September Poetry shows

Hamswell Festival was great. Chill Pill (myself, Deanna Rodger & Simon Mole) held down the poetry over the weekend alongside Johnny Fluffypunk.
Simon Mole controls the crowd
Hams swell 
Johnny Fluffypunk & son
Job Done! Dee & Si hang out after poems
A very sound and cool guy to hang with - Maxi Jazz
This band were brilliant! 
Woke to clear skies and headed to our next Festival (Festibelly)

The Chill Pill member that was missing from Hamswell was Mista Gee, but that's because he was recording a series for BBC Radio 4 about how poetry workshops have helped prisoners reflect on their lives. It's called 'Poetic Justice' and it starts next Monday at 1:45pm. TUNE IN!

I'll be hosting the Hammer & Tongue Hackney Slam Final at The Victoria in Dalston alongside Angry Sam. 4th September at 7.30pm.

These are the poets slamming -

David Lee Morgan - Street musician and political poet
Lionheart - Passionate, provocative, raw and insightful
Stephanie Dogfoot - speaks words that make sense
Richard Purnell - Association of Needlessly Genuflecting Sociopathic Tattle-mongers
Gilbert Francois - rhyming slang and grimy rhymes
Curious - street talking political point maker

NOT TO MISS! The twice World Slam Champion from Seattle, the unbelievably charismatic 'Buddy Wakefield'! 
Chill Pill's Deanna Rodger is supporting twice world slam champion 'Buddy Wakefield' on 5th September.

When: Wednesday 5 September, 7.30pm
Where: Gallery Café, 21 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PL
Tickets: £5 / £4

Proud to announce that on 9th September, The Keats House Poets Forum is relaunching it's monthly open mic with a screening of the award winning documentary film 'We Are Poets'.

As well as performances from The Albany Young poets who were runners up of the London Shake The Dust National Slam, Simon Mole and myself will be hosting a Q&A with the director after the film.

On 10th September I'll be performing a set of poems at The Green Note in Camden for Hammer & Tongue.

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