Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Julia (Poem Draft One)

My name is Julia

I am 17 years old; I live in South Africa with my mother and we share everything together, from bread to secrets.

                 my dreams are bigger than my head
                 not like my fathers –

             my mother said his dreams drank themselves to death,
He left to never make my name
                                                            a song
    but my mother couldn’t sing
                                                   a wrong note in me.

me and my mother,
        we don’t have as much as shoes right now,
but we’re strong
                                as long as we’re on our feet.

People talk about close family but if my mother is out
no one is closer to me than my neighbour,
                     you never know when you need the next person.

I only half understand my heart,
but its where my love is.

 It has taught me
the faith it takes to walk
                                               through fire,
                                         I’m burning for some things.

I may be poor, but in heart,
                                   I'm treasured
                 and you are looking at black skin
                              that's been dug into
           for what is under it.

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