Monday, 2 April 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 2 Poem 1 One Night At Zula Bar In Cape Town

 NaPoWriMo is National Poetry Writing Month. 

I'll try to write and post a poem a day throughout April. 

This is a new draft of a poem I wrote in Cape Town last December.

One Night at Zula Bar in Cape Town

I’m dancing,
I'm dancing more
I’m dancing more than I ever did,
dancing more than I did at my cousin’s wedding,
more        than I danced on my  21st Birthday,
 I drink Milk Stout beer
 at the Zula Bar
and dance with girls I won’t take home.

I haven’t slept  in two weeks,
    But I’m still doing the shuffle   with the 3am crowd,
It doesn’t matter how much I miss my sister
        even though    we’ve never danced in the same room

            doesn’t matter that my dad won’t be alive by the time
    I understand him,
                            doesn’t matter if I’m talking to my Grandma’s gravestone
         by the time I’m home,
 doesn’t matter that my entire family think I’m strange
  and I think they are normal,
                 doesn’t matter that I should have told Sophie the truth,
that I didn’t want another person in my life that I could lose,
                                                              doesn’t matter that it’s 4am now

             and behind me a girl is yelling
This music is so good it hurts!

                                     and I’m dancing, dancing
                                                                                like dancing is a kind of pain,
                                               and all I can do is

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