Thursday, 5 April 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 5. Poem 5 __________

Today I sat down and looked through my South Africa travel journal notes. There is about three pages of things I wrote while tripping on magic mushrooms. I remember feeling like I'd written gold... then I sobered up and read it back with great disappointment. I took some lines and played around with it. Here's the result.

I have no words for the sky tonight
                      or the moon
                                              but it is there
 the colour blue
                         bites me
                                               it has no teeth
                                        but it has the biggest mouth
my stomach is not colour proof
                                                          it is a bazooka
a fire worker                                  a happy volcano
               I am high on yellow electric
                        this frequency jitter
you have waited for the world to tune in
                                                                        WE’RE HERE!
                    I would call this beautiful
                                                                     but I see U in the middle of the word
and there are mirrors to look at            looks like 
                                                                          we have things to fix
                         how about I ask all this ground 
                                                                        if it wants to be walked on
if I said all this under water    would you get along with the bubbles?
                                  are you swimming in gibberish?
every day – same shit in the same colour
          England is a rain machine                         
    it made me a brick of hard butter
                                          nothing looks like pancakes
not even the full moon

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