Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 3 Poem 2 Women & Broken Poems

This is a new draft of the second poem I wrote for last years NaPoWriMo.

Women & Broken Poems

Women. Hold my writing hand
Help me write the things
I can’t say to you. I trust you.
Women. I sit alone with you.

You brush your fingers
along my tattooed arms, 
and ask if I have a condom.
You are smarter than me.

This is the universe where
I would take my hand and marry my words
if I was sure they were right.
  Like, I always feel something missing

but never know what it is. Women,
 I feel love is a type of clean, and
I’m too dark for it.

 If there was a licence for love,
I’d have points for speeding,
so I caution you.

I am not the ride
If you don’t want to crash

 I’m a love child, so
everything about me is an accident
or a broken poem
or a good idea that doesn’t work.

But if I write about you, women
I always try to do it well.

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