Friday, 15 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 15. Poem 15. Ego Therapist.

OK Ray. Get your ego out your pocket...
put it on the table and let’s have a good look at it.
Well... it’s certainly grown a bit hasn’t it?
What have you been feeding the bugger? –
Oh’ you took it to America – that’s normal then.
What are those purple marks on its neck? – love bites?
Did you do that yourself? Hmm, yes, they look good but I think
we should have a look at its teeth. Open wide and say
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Good, that’s a beautiful smile.

OK, lovely. you can put it back in your pocket Ray
but I want to continue these sessions.
No major concerns. I just want to watch it’s activity around other egos...
OK, that’s all for now Ray.
Take a lollipop and I’ll see you next week..

Oh’ cute poem by the way.

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