Friday, 1 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Poem 1. How To Be Good At Being Middle Class.

wake up.

turn on Radio 4.

step into warm soapy shower.

dry with towel hot from radiator.

brush teeth.

insert body into Lenin blue suit or silky red summer dress.

smile in mirror.

don’t feel guilty for being middle class.

step feet into black shiny shoes or red high heels.

leave home and remember your keys like you always do.

walk down street and smile like the sun is out, even if it isn’t.

start a conversation with at least one person who doesn’t want to fuck you.

best bet is an old woman or a small child.

talk to them like they’re looking for good examples of good people.

be polite and donate to charity.

walk down the street and talk to homeless people.

ask them what sleep means to them.

offer them food and smile even if they call you a cunt.

sign up for volunteer work in the third world.

surprise the world by smiling in the rain.

sell your car and see your city from a bicycle seat.

marry yourself to something exotic like world music, Italian food, Spanish poetry or people with dreadlocks.

kiss the French way.

think about people in Japan, Libya and The Congo.

come to the conclusion that beauty will save everyone.

brush teeth.

keep smiling and sleep well.

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