Thursday, 28 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 28. Poem 28. A Working List Of Questions For You To Answer

Me, Josh and Alex got into questions on Twitter this morning...

Raymond Antrobus asks ...

Why can't cigarettes give me up?
Does the woods shit bears?
Do dead bodies ever want to see kids?
Can a mountain sit on you and think about its life?
How long has time been longing to go backwards?

Alex Gwyther asks..

Do paintbrushes sometimes wish they were the ones being painted?
Does the colour red ever feel blue?
Do dogs think man is their best friend?
Do birds ever feel better than us knowing they can do the one thing man can't but wishes he could?

Joshua Idehen asks...

Do cats ever look at man and wonder if there is more than one way to skin him?
Is the early worm grateful to catch death at the beak of a bird?
Do kid groomers dream of grooming defenceless pervs online?
Do toilets feel like shit?

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