Saturday, 23 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 23. Poem 23. This Goes To Those That Want To Fuck Me

I sleep like sleep
is a dream I go to
to rehearse my sexy walk

in the streets
eyes admire me with their stares.

They’ve never seen anything so big
in my sleep.

They take my picture
to put themselves closer
to my image –
I’m the envy of hipsters.

Like a Romantic poet
or the maid that gets to smell the clothes Bob Dylan
sleeps in

I coined the phase
Eye tint
For black sunglasses.

I made it cool to fuck
Doggey-style with a pencil
behind your ears.

I've made a lot of women come

they all recommend my penis
in magazines –
they use amazing adjectives
like huge and genuine
on front page articles about my penis.

They compare me to God
and a plough machine.

They said it was extra cool that
my clothes smelt like pencils.

This gives me the credibility of a legend
in everyone’s dream.

You know, I’m the best dream anyone
could have about themselves.

You know, I know it’s weird to use the word
real in a poem

But you know, I’m really good at

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