Thursday, 21 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 21. Poem 21. Adventurous Heart

I am Sagittarius

And that’s meant to mean I become wildly adventurous when someone breaks my heart.

I guess it’s true.

The first time my heart broke I decided to stop looking both ways when I crossed streets.

If a car hits me it was meant to be

It’s funny how I can be superstitious and an atheist.

Once I nearly acted on a suicidal thought by joining the Army.

I’d just sent off the application but I met a girl just in time to rescue my self esteem.

When she broke my heart I became a communist.

Every time I saw someone wear a Che’ Guevara shirt I’d run up and test their knowledge on the Cuban Revolution.

What I was actually looking for was a fight.

One day I got it.

I ran up to a guy and saluted him the way Che greeted his Guerrilla fighters.

He looked puzzled then told me he thought it was Bob Marley on his T Shirt.

I threw my fist right into his face.

But he took it well and whacked me in my ribs.

Still, it didn’t break my adventurous heart.

I was going to go to Cuba as a activist but I met a girl. Just in time to rescue my self esteem.

When she broke my heart I became a poet.


Disclaimer: I'd like to remind people that these poems are ideas/first drafts. NaPoWriMo is a celebration of the process of writing poetry... there... I became defensive like an amateur.

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