Monday, 4 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Poem 4. What You Are Thinking Is More Interesting Than What You Are Writing.

What you are thinking is more interesting than what you are writing.

Be like the ocean when the sky keeps falling on your shoulders.

My love is ice. It can’t stay solid because I tend to meet woman of fire.

I am an overflowing ocean of old love but I like swimming.

There is nothing wrong with people doing things the way you wouldn’t.

I think in a strange broken way but I like it.

Everywhere I’ve been is walking through me.

My walls know about you.

I lie all the time because I want people to think I know a lot about life.

Sometimes misery is the colour of my thinking.

I had a dream that my skin was pealing. My arms and chest were white crumbles of torn red flesh

There was a lot of blood but I was calm and at peace with my disfigurement.

My memory is like an electric friend I don’t trust.

I have flowers I would never have discovered if it weren’t for death.

Most lonely people kill themselves on Christmas Day.

I can’t tell if I’m lonely.


  1. "Everywhere I’ve been is walking through me." I love this line the most. It resonates with me, I think because I've been thinking about home a lot and the way it made me.

  2. "Be like the ocean when the sky keeps falling on your shoulders." Ray, this is genius !

    Naomi x