Friday, 8 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 8. Poem 8. The Women I Meet When I Walk Around Calling Myself A Poet Can Tell...

I’m full of shit.

often I walk into rooms as the loudest mouth
with the least to say.

I talk like I read self-help books.
I talk like I only mean what I whisper.
I talk like I’ve been lonely.

If I look good
I'm standing a good
distance away
from myself.

If I see myself
it’s because other people see me

I think I think too much but how much is enough when
we question everything?

The question here is what is everything?

I told you I'm full of shit.


  1. Oh Ray, you aint full of shit, just a mix of strengths and weaknesses as all of us are.

    Loving your daily contributions!

  2. Brutally honest with a pinch of Hell yeah! I definitely dug this...