Monday, 18 April 2011

NaPoWriMo. Day 18. Poem 18. My Voice In The Mirror

I went to America.

It took four days for me to stop pronouncing the T in water.

Can I have some wadder please?

I met women who liked me for my accent
so my voice became a new lover I introduced
to everyone.

I’d say

Hi I’m Ray... as in Ray Charles.

And they’d tell me their names and if they didn’t say something like

I’m Amy as in... Do you want to sleep with me?

I wouldn’t care.

My voice was becoming proud,
It used to keep to itself but now
It wants to get out more. It wants me to repeat
everything it says,
I talk in my sleep and dream in my talk.

I had no dreams for years. Suddenly
I was in one every night
doing voiceovers in all of them.

I dreamt I met Barack Obama and he accepted
The Nobel Peace Prize in my voice.

Sometimes my voice makes my face feel inadequate
and I wish I only existed as a radio personality.

People would hear my political speeches and say my voice
provides the directors commentary to their lives.

After a week back in the UK I pronounced the T in water but lost the T in “later”

I’ll see you lay-der!

I’m not sleeping with many women anymore
I think it has something to do with my voice.

British women get very jealous when I talk about myself.

Did the sound of your voice replace all your ex-lovers or just some?

I go home alone most the time
so I can write really long poems
just to prove I have a lot to say.

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